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The seminar. Humbled by all past comments.

On May 11th we are holding our annual seminar (CPD) event at the HSE’s testing center in Buxton.

These are some of the reasons I have been told by just some of the delegates who turn up each year, why they do so.

  • “It allows me to escape from the day to day pressure of work and allow me to think about more medium and long term goals at work”.

  • “Following the various presentations regarding mental health at the Ollerton seminar, we completely revised the way we thought and did things at work. The day was a huge wake up call for us”

  • “I made contact with someone who, like me was attending. We realised that we had very similar issues at work and since then have been supporting each other. It is nice to have an independent person to turn to for just unofficial support and ideas”

  • “The annual H&S review / trending, presented by Dave is the main reason why I go. I’m usually aware of most things in it but there’s always a few surprises that it’s just nice to know of.”

  • “I always feel really inspired when I come away, by the whole atmosphere, enthusiasm, ideas for solutions, just everything”

  • "As an exhibitor, we all reckon (in our company) this is the best of the regional shows"

  • "I went to 'The Institute's' branch meeting. There was a group of old guys mumbling to themselves at the front all night. They completely blanked me. In comparison, your seminar was inclusive, open, and welcoming. I will always try to re-attend".

We still have a few spaces left if you wanted to join us this year. contact for more information.



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