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The 'Event' is back! 15th May 2024

Its not been a secret for a month now but if you've not heard, the show is back on the road. Rated as the best independent Health and Safety seminar in the UK*, when taking into account quality, spread and relevance of presentations; Experience of presenters; interesting of locations; special attention to food; contact with other professionals of enthusiasm, expertise and high esteem.

Remember Buxton Technical Centre 2023?. Remember Kelham Island 2022? Remember Ollerton pumping house 2019? Remember Kelham Island 2018? Remember Ringwood hall 2017?

This year we are back from the hills to set up at the quaint and historic Chesterfield Market Hall.

At the very least, the certificate we send out later showing your CPD in the rapidly changing workplace is right up to date. This alone is worth not missing out. No one will be able to question you over your continuous attention to new workplace initiatives; developments in best practice; whats new in a variety of industry sectors and much more.

We never like to give too much away but apart from the major upgrade in Health and safety which we always start off with, you will be finding out a whole range of other issues. One presentation is about not suffering burn out - how to side step it; another presentation on how the care sector is dealing with upskilling individuals to make dynamic risk assessments. There's a presentation about just how muscular injuries happen, at the macro level in the human body: another presentation about how general management principles overlap to a much greater level than most managers can conceive. There's a word from a health and safety manager who also took on the mantle of environmental manager. How did they cope? We have the latest from the insurers. whats top of the pops for civil actions at the moment and is there anything more we can do to prevent them?

*Rated unanimously by past attendees and trade exhibitors since we began. Their re-attendance is the best judge.


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