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What is IEMA?

IEMA standing for The Institute of Environment Management and Assessment, based in Lincoln is the professional body for everyone working in environment and sustainability. IEMA are responsible for ensuring that people working on the front line in these areas have the right knowledge, competencies, skills and confidence to do a professional job. IEMA also help and support businesses, governments and regulators to do the right thing when it comes to environment and sustainability related initiatives, challenges and opportunities. IEMA have completed a full due diligence process and have nominated our test centre approval to deliver the following courses.

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Environmental Sustainability Skills for the Workforce

(One day)

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​Environmental Sustainability Skills for Managers

(Two-day course)

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​IEMA Foundation Certificate in Environmental Management

(Five day course)

These courses are delivered by face-to-face training which is IEMA’s preferred method due to the quality, improved value and therefore overall effect. Other variations of course delivery may be an option. Contact Train to Safety and enquire.



Below are a selection of our upcoming Health and Safety Training Courses. Please click on the individual courses for more information or give us a call on 08432 890 579 to discuss your requirements.

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