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NEBOSH. "Continue the good work"

'A clean bill of health' is the summary we received from NEBOSH earlier this year. We spent a good 6 hours or so, sat in a room with the NEBOSH auditor and our TUV partners who we work with on this award. After raking through the answers from our pre-audit questionnaire, looking for the evidence to back our claims up, the final result was the maintenance of our Silver award status with NEBOSH. Something we are proud of, in light of our limited resources at Train to Safety.

We have run this qualification for 12 years now, usually twice per year, each course one day per week. As most of our clients would probably agree, by running the training face to face and with a six day space between training sessions, allows the luxury to really delve deep into the subject and cover the ground thoroughly. The final result, we hope is that students will not only hopefully receive the General Certificate qualification when they complete the course, but also actually have the confidence to make real world decisions as opposed to the qualification being a tick box objective. The people leaving the course, when we look back over the past years, have made and are still making a real difference with the companies they work for.

NEBOSH complemented us on our policy to continue to train anyone who is referred on any unit, free of charge until they do manage to overcome the hurdle (We need to pass on the charge for the NEBOSH exam enrollment fee). They said not many other companies provide this service and thought it was a noble gesture.

And as for the pass rate? The dizzyingly high pass rate of probably the best in the UK from 2011 to 2020 has dipped of late we cant deny. The transition over from the closed book style exam to the open book style exam has put us into choppy waters, as with most organisations, as both we as providers, and NEBOSH in their administration each learn how to settle into the new way of doing things and build back up to the continuity of the past. Things are now settling down and I think all sides are getting there.

So, will our results from our new course starting on 6th September return a clean sweep of 100% passes? We are putting money on it, yes. We cant guarantee it but we are relishing the updated program we have developed further. More engagement; more real world situations; greater emphasis on risk and risk management; all the things NEBOSH are trying to turn their training providers towards.

We still have space if you care to join us. contact


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