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Fresh air. How refreshing!

Train to Safety work with quite a number of organisations, maintaining or developing their health and safety systems. Some companies are quite responsive; some are slower but manage to get there eventually. Some are really hard work and the slightest of victory triggers a large celebration.

How pleased I was when I turned up at a regular clients site yesterday and the guys on site were really buzzing. They couldn't wait to see me. "Look what I have". "Look what we've got". The workforce each had the latest Purelite Extreme, filtered, positive pressure air hoods. What not long ago was a great big heavy dead weight on top of the head, linked by umbilical hoses to rear filters and wires to the separate battery back, has now become something all contained, weighing in at a about the Kilogram mark. Lightweight, unencumbered, great visibility and confidence for the wearer that they are free from harmful levels of contaminants. I received their grateful thanks but I told them they should thank the company. This might have been an issue I raised only four weeks ago, but the whole problem was rapidly fixed in that short time. How refreshing to work with such a rapid response company. An organisation who have always taken health and safety to the level of importance that it should be.

At £3 wholesale price for the cheapest FFP3 respirator, these helmets pay for them selves (taking into account their replacement filters) before the end of the year.

Well done to the Managing director. Well done to the operations manager who also moved heaven and earth. What a refreshing change to many other companies where battles are hard won but the war takes its toll.


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