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Ofqual Level 2 & 3 Courses. Nationally recognised training aimed at Managers, Supervisors, Leaders, Teachers or anyone with an interest in Mental Health or First Aid.

These courses are designed to give learners the skills and confidence to undertake the role of a First Aider or Mental Health First Responder, but also have a deeper understanding of a range of conditions that they may encounter, and embed a positive mental health culture within their workplace.

First Aid and Mental Health


Mental health management.

Work-related stress, anxiety and depression are conditions brought about by a harmful reaction people have to undue pressures and demands created by poorly managed work activities. The latest studies by the Office for National statistics showed that there were an estimated 17.5 million working days lost each year due to mental health related sickness and absence.

In 2020/21 stress, depression or anxiety accounted for 50% of all work-related ill health cases. The trend was increasing before Coronavirus and has only been made worse by the uncertainty and additional pressures imposed on people following the disruption and turmoil.

Companies and organisations should take a pro-active role in managing this corrosive and debilitating illness. It makes complete financial sense to do so as well as the moral expectation.

Training is one of the main pillars of any management protection. Our two Mental Health courses are key to managing and overcoming these issues.

See below for the links to the various course syllabus. Note: Our courses are Ofqual approved.

First aid management.

For over a century, first aid provision has been accepted as the key starting point to any organisation, implemented before anything else. Organisations who did not implement good standards of first aid in the 20th Century soon learnt that without this, injured workers deteriorated rapidly,  small injuries turned serious, preventing people from returning to work for long periods. Imagine the state in the 21st century if a work force found that their first aid provision was lacking. The body blow to the moral of the workforce would be shattering.

In short, organisations cannot afford to have deficiencies in their first aid provision.

See below for the links to the various course syllabus. Note: Our courses are Ofqual approved.


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