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CPD for you, May 11th at the HSE research laboratory Buxton.

How are you keeping up to date with your Constant Personal development? We have a great day lined up for you to do just that. This day counts as our annual seminar this year. Just look back at some of the amazing events we have put on for our local companies over the past 6 years. Our track record shows that we certainly know what makes for a great day out and highly useful too.

This year, do you know what legislation changed over the last 12 months? Not just legislation but best industry practice. Are you aware of the bombshell of legislation changes forecast for the end of the year? Do you know how they identified how far the Coronavirus would spread when someone infected breathed out, coughed or sneezed?

Are you aware of what it it is like to be in an organisation when there has been a fatality? Someone is coming to share their experiences of what it is like and how it can affect the organisation.

Are you aware about the latest health initiatives are? The Institute of Medicine are keen to share this with us.

We are expecting a partial tour of the premises. A full tour would take a complete day, due to the range and scope of the HSE's activities. One more presentation is just about to be announced.

Meet others like yourself and share opinions. Break out of the usual four walls of work, decompress and allow for new ideas to manifest.

Receive a certificate of attendance which will include a summary of the day's presentations.

Lunch and refreshments included.

Don't miss out on the 11th May. Space is tight and limited.


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