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We have some great tutors at Train to Safety. For years, I have been requested by other training providers to become a tutor for the day when being observed (a safe pair of hands was the reference). Our Tutor Russ Breedon and Mark Davies are all highly acclaimed, receive wonderful feedback and fly through the observational audits. However, despite our confidence that we are all the best, we have recently been rocked to the core as our latest tutor to join us has just been rated by the ECITB as "Outstanding".

After being in the training sector for 16 years, I have not met an 'Outstanding tutor' until now that is.

Therefore, can we introduce to you, our Outstanding new addition - Dianne Webster.

Of course, on reflection it doesn't come as much surprise as Dianne has spent the most of her adult working life in the engineering sector. She has a very broad scope, having dealt with Electromagnetic radiation, management of radioactive isotopes, coordinating major CDM projects, dealing with the HSE at a very high level, major fires, decontamination and clean up issues and the rest! However, knowledge is nothing if you can't get your point across and your ability to engage with the group. Dianne's natural empathy with others together with the numerous training courses to be a trainer bring her the ability to get the most out of the trainee delegates. She really does bring great strength to Chesterfields' (and Derbyshire's?) number one training provider.

Call for details of our CCNSG safety passport courses. We are delivering one every two weeks at the moment to satisfy the demand. 08432 890579.


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