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"e-learning IOSH course. Not for me thanks"

Hi Peter

I don’t know if you remember me but I took a four day IOSH Managing Safely course with you back in 2013 I believe, when I worked with Squadron Medical. Before I left their business, years later, I was encouraged to go onto your one day refresher course to renew my certificate. Both the training courses were great due to at least these points:.

  • You were able to put the course into context by comparing health and safety to some of your experiences in industry, making it easier all round. Something to relate to.

  • You could sense when we as a group were flagging and could give us a boost.

  • I liked the way you continuously found alternative ways to emphasise a point you thought was really significant, keeping us truly focused on the important stuff.

  • A sense of humour which often lifted heavy or darkest moments. The time flew by on this course.

  • Interaction with other students, especially like the bus company delegates who attended and really opened my eyes to see things in alternative ways. (can you also recall the lady from the Oil company from Belize who was also their doctor?)

  • Just the escape from the day to day drudgery of the workplace in its-self was a breath of fresh air.

  • The test was a challenge and I can’t say it was enjoyable but you helped to calm our nerves and the feeling at the end was satisfying with a real sense of achievement.

  • It really did boost my confidence in this key area when I returned to work.

On the down side, to save time, I recently completed the on-line version of the course to maintain my certificate. You will be disappointed I didn’t come and take the renewal with you, but if it is any consolation, I didn’t receive any of the above points and truly believe I made a mistake. e-learning this way may suit others who need a quick fix, but its not for me. Yes I have a piece of paper saying certificate but to be honest, I don’t really value it in the same way as before. I just don’t feel as confident as I used to which surprised me. I shall return to take my renewal IOSH Managing Safely certificate with you in three years providing you are still running the course.

Best regards,

Joe Y.

afely with you in three years’ time if you still run this course.

Many thanks for helping me in the past and I look forward to attending your course in the future.

Best regards

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