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NEBOSH Certificate100% first time pass again.

Once again we can announce that our last course we have the results from (June 2017 exam) have shown a 100% pass rate. Seven people who came to us to take the course and sit each of the three module exams passed everything. This is the fourth time in four years that this has been the case. For the other courses, the results have been 90% or higher. In comparison to the national pass rates for this course, Train to Safety are far higher. It maybe we can boast the highest pass rate in the UK but it would be difficult to prove. However, we are one of the few companies who publish and open to scrutiny our pass rate. That in its self says something. A recent student who came to us following a bad experience after sitting the course at one of the institutions liken their course to a cattle market. I feel for their frustration. She went away from us though with the widest Cheshire cat grin.

When you consider the loss of resource to a company to release one of their employees onto a fourteen day course (including exam day), then we feel we would be derelict in our duty if we did not return a successful resolution. The cost of re-working this course and exam is stomach churning. That is why one thing is for certain with a NEBOSH course; The cheapest course nearly always works out to be the most expensive by far! Don't be tempted to go there. Come with us.

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