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ROLO course updated and greatly improved.

“I’m really impressed about the New Rolo Course that we deliver for Bali.  It is a prerequisite Health and Safety awareness course for CSCS LISS card.


The one-day course in general throws us into the realm of Health and Safety awareness.  The PowerPoint slides work well to enable class discussion in identifying site hazards and High-Risk activities.  Thereafter estimating and evaluating the risks.  There are some good case studies in there too.  We look at accidents, near misses and reporting. It’s all good.


Notably, the new course now identifies, to some level of detail, the impacts of outdoor work, such as landscaping, arboriculture, and ground maintenance.  


Are we competent to recognise the Aspects and Impacts of this sector?  Pesticide and herbicide spraying has both Safety, Health, and Environmental consequences. 

What about Tree Preservation Orders, Disturbance to habitats, wildlife, soil erosion, biosecurity (spread of disease from one plant or animal to another) and site waste management.   How can we manage and mitigate some harmful activities to the Environment?   

Do we know some of the applicable environmental protection laws and legislation?  What are the outcomes of breaking the law?

Do we understand the importance of stopping work if we identify, say, a designated ecological area? A protected species (slow worms, bats, rare orchids for example)?  An invasive plant species (knotweed, hogweed) or animal (Asian hornet)?  Not only stopping work but reporting such findings.


The course is completely thorough in appreciating Health, Safety and Environmental (and sustainability) issues.  For a one-day course, I can highly recommend it.”

Melissa Rose: Environmental, health and safety consultant and trainer at TTS.


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