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Not for the narrow minded

Our annual seminar is usually well attended by representatives of the local councils. We are graced with fourteen or more local authorities, in the NE Derbyshire, Nottingham and South Yorkshire area. The local authorities who do attend, seem to return with ever increasing numbers from their organisations. I know that the one to the East of our location use it as a great way to open up the minds of their developing personnel. All part of their CPD. However, one council we approach year after year, we receive the same answer. "I'm busy on that day and besides why should I pay to come to your seminar when I can attend the free IOSH branch meeting for nothing?" Hmmm... Biting my tongue, I prevent an eruption of questions about how much they pay IOSH in membership and what they receive for their money? Is there a range of new technologies on display? Do they meet at interesting, historic and atmospheric locations like Kelham Island Museum or Ollerton Pumping station? Is there sublime food and like minded people bursting with enthusiasm and bright ideas?

There is of course running costs to our seminar. The last seminar came to about £4,400 in costs, not including anything for the days and days of time invested by Train to Safety to stage the event. (There is usually around 100 people at the event although we will have approached and spoken to well over 1,000 to achieve this). Therefore, we have to try and devise methods of trying to share the costs. We charge the delegates a fee which mainly pays for their meal and also eliminates the non committed and narrow minded persons its worth excluding. We charge the exhibitors too who are keen to show their product and raise their company profiles (without any hard sell!). We'd like to say that any residue from the seminar would be donated to a local charity, but the truth of the matter is, there is always a shortfall which is met by the Train to Safety marketing budget.

This is why, if you have an interest in the safety of others in your charge; an interest in protecting the reputation of the organisation that supports your life-style; are enthusiastic, enjoy the company of like minded people, open minded and willing to share, help and support others in the same predicament as you, then we are insistent of your support for this cause.

Train to Safety's annual seminar is on 9th June 2022. Please sign up and support it. We would be delighted to meet you after so much time of isolation and insulation.


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