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Big changes for CCNSG Safety passport.

Important news for all users of the CCNSG Safety passport, used to access engineering construction type sites.

The ECITB (Engineering Construction Industry Training Board) who administer the courses, have changed the rules for the re-qualification time to take the CCNSG Safety passport Renewal to extend the expiry date of a further three years. In the living memory of the course, what has always been a three month grace period after the expiry date to re-sit a one day renewal course, to regain the qualification is now on the brink of being abolished.

From the 1st April 2022, the three month grace period will not apply and anyone who allows their safety passport to over-run (for just one single day even) will be required to re-sit the full two day course to regain their qualification.

We don't believe this has been publicized enough and consider there will be many shocks over potentially the next three years to crafts-persons, engineers, contractors etc. as holders of the card get a nasty surprise when enrolling for the Renewal course.

In this day and age, with the information overload that comes at us through our wireless routers, we don't expect all of our contractor clients will have been avidly following and searching for news regarding safety passport expiry dates.

Therefore, if you are a holder of the card and the above information has come to your attention, please could you share the link to other unsuspecting individuals or companies.

We are doing all we can by backtracking over data bases etc to contact everyone we can, but for many people it is difficult to keep track of, due to new email addresses, move to new company etc, etc.


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