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Kelham Island Seminar 2022

Following a number of false dawns, we are cautiously optimistic that finally, our first seminar since C-day will take place this year on 9th June 2022 and will be at the Kelham Island Museum in Sheffield.

Kelham Island is one of our favorite venues. We like to mix and match it each year but are returning to Kelham for the first time since 2017.

  • Would you like to hear from one of the most influential ladies in the region? She has managed to stop governments in their tracks. She has a story to tell and will be encouraging and giving us advice as managers how to influence others into doing what we want.

  • We also have someone attending from the food industry who has become one of the leaders in the field about culture change (and therefore behavioral change) in the food manufacturing / food safety sector. There is much to learn from how similar sectors deal with these major and sometimes seemingly insurmountable issues.

  • As usual we have the most sublime food that South Yorkshire has to provide. The humble sandwich is off the menu for this occasion.

Come and enjoy a celebration of seeing and greeting many others in your sector who could be soldiering away on their own or with limited support. A day to learn but also in a relaxed and enjoyable environment. As I have mentioned on other occasions, in the words of one of the trade stands who appeared at the last event we organised "this is the best regional seminar in the country".

Book your place as soon as possible as we will set a smaller limit to the previous event and the spaces are already filling up fast, even though we have not publicized the event until now.

Watch this space for many more developments to come.

Peter Minto

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