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Do you have the right approach? Think again.

As health, safety and environmental managers, one of the biggest question on our minds is; How do we improve compliance, engagement and motivation of our workers? There are plenty of tasters but little in the way of setting out exactly how to go about it.

Jules Reed from Tended will be speaking at our coming health and safety seminar on June 9th at Kelham Island Museum in Sheffield. Can you afford to miss the message that Jules has for us. This is what she told me.

"Safety managements systems are only as good as the people applying them. As a Behavioural Scientist, I take a granular look into the nuances of organisational safety cultures and identify the enablers and blockers that determine safety engagement, at all levels. I work for Tended, an amazing company who are combining technology with science to provide a revolutionary solution, that transforms safety cultures. Together, we are pioneering the next generation of Health and Safety.

I love brains, but they can be unpredictable and fallible. I want to help you explore why people do what they do and how this determines your safety culture. In this session, I’ll talk to you about what creates, maintains and sustains safety cultures and some of the science behind it. My aim is that you’ll find this an interesting talk, but better still I’d like you to take some useful hints, tips or insights back to your own organisation, to support improvements in your safety culture."

Please contact for how to attend. Don't miss out.


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