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Training has re-started. With caution.

Despite the apprehension due to COVID-19, we are cautiously re-starting our training program. Initially only for the courses where there is an urgent demand in industry for personnel; namely the CCNSG safety passport.

To overcome the concern the delegates may have and (and the tutor does have), we have gone to quite extraordinary lengths to ensure the safety of everyone. We have booked a venue in Chesterfield, the St Thomas church community centre that has a hall 11 meters by 11 meters. This means we are able to hold groups of 10 delegates on a course with plenty of space to access the building, then access the seating. Delegates will then be seated 3 meters in-front or behind other rows and 2.5 meters to the nearest person beside them. There will be alcohol gel at various points in the room accompanied by plenty of tissues. The tables and chairs will be disinfected before entry and there will be no cross-over on utensils for drinking. Each will have their own dedicated cup and there is a one way system for entering and then leaving the room by a different door. Delegates will need to sign a declaration before they arrive stating they are Covid-19 symptom free and have been socially distancing for the last 14 days. The full risk assessment is available on request.

In summary, we have done everything we can think of that is effective.

In short, we don't believe there is much more we could do. The next CCNSG course will be held on 15th, 16th June, Renewal course on 17th June and the LATS course on 19th June. Please contact Train to Safety if you need to book or require any further information.

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