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Cost / Benefit, E learning

There is so much information about e-learning on the internet now and many organisations have a great feel for how it works for them. How effective the end result is; what the buy in is like for their audience; what the information retention is like; how the type of training can affect the overall culture of the workplace.

Despite the fact at Train to Safety are advocates of face to face training, we did realise there is definitely a place for on-line training. It can work well in its own right for some of the technical hazard courses such as COSHH awareness or Legionalla awareness etc. However, we truly believe they come into their own element as top up, reminder or complementary training to courses such as Abrasive wheels, Asbestos awareness or working at Height etc.

Some of our clients are becoming more and more reliant on this type of training. Ryan T. from one of our clients who complete service work on industrial heat exchanger's considers their ease of access at momentary notice and therefore filling a time void is most useful for him as a controller of production. Plus he considers that the overall long term drip, drip effect of exposing operators at different times to various e-learning courses helps to keep the conversation going within his group and therefore keep awareness as high as possible. “What do the operators think of the courses?” I ask him. “Fine” he says, “they cope OK with them and are quite happy to take the opportunity to have a change for a while”

If clients are happy that approach helps to increases the chances of the all-important worker engagement these days, then we are more than happy to support.

Take a look at the range on our website, including Manual handling, Confined spaces, Display screen equipment, Behavioural safety and Working safely, plus many more are on the list.

Why not test them out with a free on-line trial? Or, on the consent of Ryan or some of our other clients, we may be able to put you in touch with them to ask for further verification.

At the end of the day, as with everything else, you need to weigh up the benefits of this system as they suit your business and trade off against any of the negatives with completing something that is not only morally acceptable but legally required.

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