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News about CCNSG safety passport for 2020

Some news from the ECITB about their CCNSG courses. At their recent annual seminar, this year held in Manchester, the main points were that the CCNSG 2-day (Craftsman) and the one day Renewal courses have all been updated and fine-tuned to reflect current statistics plus a few other subtle refinements to the current powerpoints used. There has not been a root and branch fundamental change to the courses. However the LATS course is in the consultation process with a view to completely redesign the course to become something quite different. It was claimed that there seemed to be a marketing issue with the name of the course, ‘LATS’ or Leading a Team Safely which never quite seemed to take hold since the days of the old Supervisors course was changed to become LATS.

Other news they reported was that the course was not in decline unlike certain rumours but is holding up strongly with a 2.6% increase in numbers from the same period in 2019 compared to 2018. Other industry sectors were found to be taking on the passport, more than compensating for the decline in the usual bread and butter coal-fired power-station shutdowns.

From an audit point of view, Train to Safety were firmly planted in the ‘Good’ category with 74% of the other providers. 3% were classed as outstanding, whereas 18% required improvement and 3% were inadequate (some of whom lost their licence to trade).

Some of the main audit findings from which training companies regularly fell down on were: Issues with loading up details to the ECITB for processing, Registration forms not filled in correctly by delegates, ECITB not informed of courses being run outside the UK without permission and poor invigilation of the testing process. The ECITB remain firmly committed to maintaining standards through their rigorous audit process in 2020, having increased their audit team. It was communicated verbally that there would be a policy shift towards more un-announced audits for the coming year.

As far as Train to Safety see it; this will be the 10th year we have continuously held the CCNSG licence and delivered over 280 courses during this time. We still maintain it is by far the best and therefore the most effective general health and safety training course for the whole of the construction and engineering sectors of industry and are proud to continue to run this course as long as it is possible to do so.

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