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NEBOSH. Insurance for uncertain times.

The NEBOSH General certificate, does take an upturn of employees applying when the economy gets the jitters (as experienced in 2010). It is understandable why staff take this course of action. The consequence of achieving this qualification greatly improves the standing of any company in the eyes of both clients and the HSE alike plus it vastly improves the retain-ability of the person who holds the qualification as it is recognised as a formal management qualification.

It is well known that at Train to Safety Ltd we have one of the highest first-time-takers pass rates in the UK. Our published and verifiable figure of 89% for every course we have delivered since we began eight years ago is testament to our claim and was also endorsed at our latest NEBOSH audit.

Why are we so good? It is probably an accumulation of many reasons. Mainly in the quality and the experience of our tutors, but also in the way and style we deliver the course. As far as is possible we engage and involve our delegates. We usually have smallish training groups which allow for decent monitoring and constant feedback by the tutors. For example; a colleague had just taken his NEBOSH General Certificate with a management advisory company. He told me that the every-day their mobile phones were taken off them when they entered the room. No wonder this training company is not well rated. Firstly, a decent tutor should first make a verbal contract with their delegates about mobile phone use (Indication maybe that the trainer does not possess a higher level teaching qualification like at TTS), instead of treating the delegates who are either managers or hoping to become managers, like children. Secondly, at Train To Safety, once we establish everyone is in possession of a smart phone, we set tasks for the delegates to look for corroboration information on their phones or ask them to solve a problem such as how long would it be possible to use a piece of work equipment creating a certain noise level by accessing and inputting the data into the HSE’s noise calculator spread sheet. It isn’t a great stretch of the imagination to get delegates involved, unfortunately so many of the journeymen employed at other organisations are lacking that imagination.

My advice to anyone considering taking this qualification, is to ask the training company to state and verify its pass rates and also to speak to someone who has recently attended the company in question who can provide a personal reference. The qualification is not cheap, but the real expense lies in the time invested by the delegate and the sponsoring company to take the qualification. It really isn’t worth taking a chance on an organisation that has a poor reputation.

Train to Safety’s next NEBOSH certificate starts on Thursday March 7th 2019 and will continue on subsequent Thursdays until the exam on June 5th 2019.

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