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New CCNSG test-only facility at TTS

News from the ECITB regarding the CCNSG Safety Passport course. Train to Safety can announce we are able to provide test only facility, as an option to taking a full days renewal course from February 2019. The time to set aside for the test will be two hours and the price will be set at £70 per person. The delegate must book in with us and arrange for an appointment to attend our training Centre in Tapton Innovation Centre. The test will be completed on a standard laptop / computer but under the supervision of one of our approved invigilators. If the person is successful they can leave with a temporary safety passport card as usual. If they do not pass the test for a second time, they must attend the full one day renewal course as before and before their current safety passport is no more than three months out of date.

Other news from the ECITB: There had been a debate as to whether a safety professional with say a NEBOSH level 3 qualification or higher could just take the test only course as above. The outcome was a decline, the ECITB still thought it was most appropriate for the safety pro to take the course. One of the main reasons for this is that the professional could get the chance to see for themselves the standard of the course that their peers were experiencing. Finally, there will be no change in the price cap that the ECITB imposes on training providers for the year 2

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