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CCNSG safety passport constantly evolving

The CCNSG safety passport, awarded by the ECITB continues to move onwards and constantly evolve.

The latest news is regarding the capping of the fees being charged by training providers. It doesn’t affect Train to Safety as we already charged below the maximum cap now being imposed. However, some organisations are rather disgruntled and are refusing to renew their licence, claiming the course is just not viable. Be careful your “reliable” training provider isn’t going to leave you out in the cold.

Also new is the trial being conducted to complete just the renewal test as a touch screen type test, if employees can demonstrate they are the holders of a high level course such as a NEBOSH or an IOSH Managing Safely. I shall report back once we know how the trials went.

The CCNSG courses are constantly being reviewed and upgraded every few years. Both the renewal and the two day courses were updated last year. The central theme really does go along the route of trying to get contractors to accept that misbehaviour is a significant cause of accidents. The course also is also in line with the current theme to attempt to engage workers and look out for each-others safety and health while out on a site. The LATS course or Leading a Team Safely course aimed at supervisors is in the process of being revised. It is starting to look a bit jaded now, however the focus of the course on management skills as opposed to health and safety issues directly, hits the spot. It really is a valuable addition to any person looking to demonstrate a wider range of interpersonal skills.

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