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100% NEBOSH pass. Yet again!

Once more, we can report our status as probably one of the best NEBOSH providers in the country following our latest set of results returned from the most recent exam set in December 2020. In 10 years of running this course at Train to Safety, we have achieved this incredible outcome more times than not.

The course had changed too this time. A new syllabus that is now very much based on risk assessment. (About time too when the default law in the land is for employers to look after its staff and others as far as is reasonably practicable). How many people over the years have rolled out of the class rooms with this qualification and not been able to make this most basic of judgments but instead take a tick box and preventative approach?

If the challenge of a new spec wasn't enough for our students, we threw in an open book exam about two weeks before exam day as the latest COVID lock down forced us back into our homes and offices. I have heard criticism about the qualification being weakened by the open book approach. But in all honesty, I think it could well be harder to achieve the qualification. NEBOSH are trying to establish that the delegates have a thorough and in depth feeling for how all of this really ought to be interpreted and applied in the workplace. That's not quite the same as outlining 8 factors that go towards forming a problem. I think by modifying the training to meet such type of test will make the experience yet more enjoyable too.

So hats off to our delegates, they were highly engaged and enthusiastic. Still ringing in my ears are the comments made on the last day of the training. "I am really going to miss our one day per week in the training room; I've enjoyed it far more than I was expecting".

So what now for said delegates? I think they are lining up and applying for our series of extension courses for NEBOSH qualified, we are running throughout the year, starting with how to review and create an effective Fire Risk assessment on 26th March.

For anyone else interested in taking the NEBOSH General Certificate, we also have space on the course starting one day per week on 4th March.


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