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A seminar with inspiration. May 16th 2019

Our annual health and safety seminar reaches new and dizzying heights each year. What once started as a humble half a day update for our closest clients, has now changed beyond recognition. It was these loyal and original clients who insisted that we returned annually, five years ago now, who are really to blame. Because, driven by their opinions about, what it should include and become and by our determination to meet and surpass their expectations, there now probably exists the most comprehensive and versatile of regional shows. Even the showcase, International show held at the Excel centre in London each year is disappointing, in my opinion (see my tweet from last years’ show).

Of course, the annual H&S update is still included in our show, starting what has changed in the past 12 months (not just H&S legislation, but the subtle shifts in culture too), moving on to what is expected to happen in the coming 12 months and how we are expected to prepare as a health and safety manager.

This year we have included the choice to attend either of one of three workshops, such as testing equipment to measure its vibration levels or alternatively, to join a discussion group about a common subject like how we prepare and implement our inductions for new starters and contractors. The discussion group will be a great way to share information and pass comments about and with your colleagues’ techniques. What works? How to avoid the situations of less effect.

Throughout the day, there will be access to 15 different suppliers of services and technologies around the seminar. Each one will be from a different industry sector. Therefore, for example, there will only be one supplier who can provide environmental health surveillance service.

The main acts however, will be the range of other national speakers we have lined up. Five in total, one of which will explain about worker engagement, one of the more recent pre-requisites to good management yet difficult to achieve. Another will detail how they worked with principal contractors to the recent Thames Tideway tunnel to help solve and address the issues of worker mental health. We will determine how the new International standard for health and Safety, ISO 45001 will affect the culture of our workplace. One man will explain how he overcame and dealt with the problems he encountered when suffering a serious workplace injury.

Finally, the venue. We look to hold the event in the quirkiest place we can find. The food provided is carefully selected to help make it feel like a full occasion. The location must change each year and the geographical location must slightly favour part of the Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, South Yorkshire area that was less favoured the previous year. We like to move it about to keep it fresh and to stay away from boring corporate office meeting rooms or exhibition halls that are a big turn off. Every attempt has been made to inspire the delegates, to really go back to their workplace full of new ideas or shared best practice so that they ask to turn up the following year. We look forward to you joining us at Ollerton Pumping Station, North of Nottingham.. Please contact us through the contact page for more information.

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