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Amazing technologies on display x 12

Not only do we have a range of top presentations lined up for you to help open your mind and consider things perhaps from a different angle, we also have a range of 12 suppliers waiting to show you some of their innovating technologies or new products. You can browse their small stands set out around the perimeter of the main presentation room at break and lunch times and chat with the specialists in their field. Some of the companies on display are:

Skyguard and their highly successful lone worker system that can used on either a dedicated safety device or downloaded onto a mobile phone. Their systems incorporate 2 way audio and GPS technology, linked to their 24/7 incident management centre. The system is tried and tested and endorsed by most of the large institutions such as the police force.

We have seen in recent years where sensors can be attached to workers entering areas such as forklift truck used to signal the FLT and warn of an approaching worker. However, with new technology on display from Blaxtair and their image recognition system, is differentiating people from objects using unique imaging technology so that the new image recognition system will identify the approaching form of a worker and alert the driver / operator.

Hand arm vibration monitors have been around for a while but they had many deficiencies, mainly based around assumed vibration levels for the equipment in use. HAVSCO will be demonstrating their equipment that incorporate accelerometers inside the equipment, worn by the user as opposed to being attached to the machine. The result is a far more accurate method of vibration dosage can be recorded for the operator when using a range of vibrating equipment.

PJD Safety supplies are on hand to provide you with the full and comprehensive range of PPE and other safety equipment. Their organisation is large enough to cope with all organisations and yet due to the experience of their technical representatives, provide a personal service. Their business is perfectly pitched to suit all organisations attending. What are your problems? Talk to PJD while you are here.

Also in attendance will be Zoll, a provider of defibrillator devices; a developer and provider of revolutionary noise cancelling hearing protection for the workplace; an occupational health company; a drone surveying company, removing the need for some inspection based work at height operations, a software – data management company, allowing easy audit trail and quick data processing and retrieval; a provider of gas monitors and other alarm systems, a fire risk management company and a few others including a Health and Safety training company who are so passionate that they consistently have one of the highest NEBOSH pass rates in the country.

Yet again, another great reason not to miss this fabulous event.

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