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Date - 25th April 2024 - Chesterfield, Derbyshire

1 Day course - includes lunch, refreshments, training notes and our in-house certificate.

The health and safety at Work Act states that all employees require health and safety training.

The level of training required is dependent on the level of the risk, the level of the complexity and or the current level of training and experience the trainee currently has.

If an organisation trains any employee to follow their internal safe systems of work etc. then if this training has not been completed by a competent trainer, then the training could be classed as invalid.

Upskilling employees to become competent to train others adds great value to an organisation in a number of ways.

Attending this course and demonstrating that basic skills have been adopted will ensure that all of the internal training you deliver will be considered competent by the authorities.

Train the Trainer (Chesterfield, Derbyshire) - 25th April 2024

  • Course objective:

    • To examine a range of techniques and strategies that apply to successful training.
    •  To enable suitable competent people to take on the role of Trainer.

    Attending this course will allow nominated member of the workforce to be able to design, develop and deliver and specific training session so that their company can establish that their employees have received appropriate in-house training to their procedures and safe systems of working by a competent trainer.


    Suitable for: Anyone tasked with training a work colleague to use an item of work equipment or follow a safe system of work.


    Pre-requisite: Adequate knowledge of the equipment or the item of work equipment that training is required for. Health and safety qualifications are advisable but not necessary for training simple task procedures.


    Course content – Brief summary.


    • What is involved / why the need to train others.
    • Trainer characteristics.
    • Micro teaching
    • Identifying needs
    • Content and design
    • Types of practical training.
    • Plan and deliver.
    • Learning styles
    • Personal delivery
    • Engagement.
    • Micro-teach session.

    Certificates of attendance are awarded following adequate design and delivery of a micro-teach.

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