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Consultancy Service

Working Together Towards Safer Solutions

Today, for many companies the cost of health & safety failures, through lost productivity, failed orders, fines and claims, can have a severe effect on the financial health of their business.

We are able to provide health & safety support, through our range of consultancy services

  • Development of Safety Management Services
  • Development of Policies, Procedures and Plans
  • Training needs analysis
  • General Risk Assessments
  • Specific risk assessment such as DSE, Fire, Legionella
  • Site Inspections and Audits
  • Competent Health & Safety Advice
  • Accident Investigations

In the harsh litigious society we exist in, together with tough trading conditions currently experienced, no company can afford to ignore health & safety if they want to be successful. However, many may need some help to achieve this. If you want the best from your workforce, they need to feel safe and secure at their place of work. Not only is individual safety linked to increased productivity but HSE studies have concluded that there is a direct quantifiable link between investment in safety systems and the return in reduced accidents and the associated costs. Unfortunately, some companies never recover from accidents or incidents and go out of business.

Health & safety is a very heavily covered by legislation and at times it must be bewildering for many companies and their management to know what they need to comply with. Train to Safety can help to ease the burden and help to unravel the puzzle of achieving the right balance in your business.

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